Heather Newman Band

"Powerful vocals paired with an epic lead guitar; unquestionable 

talent that transcends into a must-see blues show!"

A Musician's Journey

The love of blues grew in Heather's heart from a young age where she was fortunate enough to participate in the Blues Ed program based out of her hometown, Omaha, NE. Through the program she gained knowledge of the business from national and international blues musicians. All of whom challenged her to put her skills to the test and see how far hard work would take her.

Heather began to teach herself how to play guitar, eventually booking acoustic shows around Omaha. Her songwriting turned towards folk, but she couldn't seem to shake off her blues roots. After a few years of performing on her own she began to look for musicians with whom she could share her passion. The search brought her to Kansas City in 2015 where she wrote, toured, and recorded with another well known KC musician. She spent two years  traveling, gaining a swift cascade of fans across the nation and learning what all she could. Her dedication gained her momentum as a powerhouse vocalist and solid rhythm player before deciding it was time to step out into the spotlight.

At the beginning of 2017, Heather made preparations to begin building an empire of her own, not only with a new instrument in tow, but a new band as well. After taking the time to tighten the inner workings of her music, the band had their debut at legendary Knucklehead's Saloon. The blues trio continued making strides as the year progressed, eventually adding a fourth member to bring a new level to the Heather Newman Band. With the strong leading melodies of Keith Ladd on guitar and Ryan Matthew on Piano/Organ, Heather's steady grooving bass lines lock in Cole Dillingham's deep rooted beats, this group produces a one of a kind medley of various styles such as soul, funk, blues, and rock, with a killer original set. Heather's ever flowing, sultry, emotional vocals makes every show exciting and unique, keeping her loving fans coming back for more.

New Music

Burn Me Alive

Heather released her first studio album through Vizztone Label Group on Dec. 1st, 2017. Burn Me Alive is an accumulation of twelve original songs written and produced by Heather Newman. She was lucky enough to have two wonderful Kansas City musicians as special guests on the album. Nick Schnebelen played lead guitar on the fifth song, 'High Mountain Blues', and Michael LeFever played the saxophone on the tenth song, 'Dirty Blues'.  Burn Me Alive showcases Heather's writing style with the varying flavors and emotions of life put into music. With these songs, Heather's goal is to open up the world of blues to new music lovers everywhere.

Rock Dr. Review

"A powerful and sensual vocalist, the blues are Heather Newman’s playthings and Burn Me Alive crackles with possibility. Whether she’s conveying the emotional damage described in 'I Don’t Know Why' or having a blast on 'Bring The Swing', you get the sense that she means what she’s singing; and that’s kind of the music that hits you hardest and sticks the longest. Feeling that truth is a genuine thrill. Burn Me Alive is a steamy blues adventure that should absolutely not be missed."

Roots Music Report Review

"Bassist Heather Newman’s solid, basic foundations anchor a set of smartly crafted and arranged songs; each track distinct from the previous one other than Ms. Newman’s consistently sweet-and-tangy, soulful vocals.  The small-group sound is tasty and tight.  Standouts include 'Willie James', 'Howling For Love' and the title track 'Burn Me Alive'."

Mark Thompson - Blues Blast Magazine

"Right from the start, Newman’s vocals dominate the proceeding, roaring with a fierce intensity. The title track is a standout with a resonating bass line underneath a majestic vocal performance that erases any doubt listeners might have about Newman's singing skills. [She] proves that she understands the art of singing, her voice generating plenty of emotional weight as it easily transitions from note to note without any hint of strain. Newman certainly straddles that middle ground where blues and rock intersect, but for once, the blues influences have the upper hand. Heather Newman has written a solid batch of tunes – and when they are fleshed out by her compelling voice, every song becomes noteworthy. On the evidence here, her solo career is off to rousing start. Make sure you jump on the bandwagon now."

On the Radar - The Alternate Root

"Taking center stage, Heather Newman releases Burn Me Alive, her first studio album. Blues Rock kicks into the album with a tale of 'Willie James', and stops by Willie’s home by the railroad tracks riding a hill country stomp groove. Notes snap and pop as Heather Newman prescribes 'Love Strong' to keep two hearts together, slinks low down to crawl over the thick bass line of 'Dirty Blues', throws out a Memphis groove to 'Share Your Love', and succumbs to the trance of pounding drums to 'Bring the Swing'. Fronting a four-piece band, Heather Newman tosses out bass notes like stepping stones as options for the left-alone lover in the title track as 'Burn Me Alive' shuffles out a second-line beat for 'High Mountain Blues', strolls into a cabaret Blue request with 'How Many Times?', and rolls guitar chords like dice, tossing some high-stepping hurls in 'Howling for Love'. "

I'm Through With You - Heather Newman 'Burn Me Alive

Harney Street Tavern - Omaha, NE 2017

Video by Circo Productions

Peggy Bair - Blues Insight

"With Lee’s Summit’s Keith Ladd on guitar, classically trained Ryan Matthew on keys and Cole Dillingham on drums, Newman is clearly comfortable as a leader of the band (more like keeper of the band’s happiness.) Coaxing her guys through songs with smiles and attention, she never misses a beat while doing what it takes to make sure the sounds are on track."

AMS Entertainment

"In the sickness haunting the blues to this day, Heather Newman is just what the doctor ordered. Young, raw, and so unbelievably powerful, Heather brings light to the dark remnants of the blues. While our beloved music has suffered with the loss of so many greats, this artist brings the promise that the blues will survive!"

Kansas City Star- Nov. 30, 2017

"The Heather Newman Band is poised to follow Samantha Fish and Trampled Under Foot as the next blues-oriented Kansas City act to achieve national prominence."

Previous Release

Nick Schnebelen Band Live at Knucklehead's Vol. 1 - Vizztone Label Group July 2016

This album featured Heather Newman on six different tracks including a taste of her own writing with the song Willie James which she wrote two years prior to working with Nick. Heather also brings forth her own version of Dolly Parton's classic Jolene, as well as smooths over Gnarles Barkley's pop song, Crazy

Recorded live in the Gospel Lounge of Knucklehead's Saloon, Nick and the band take you on a journey through an array of different musical styles. Managing to grasp the listener with a multitude of emotions.

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