The Music of Songwriter and Bassist Heather Newman

Burn Me Alive


Heather released her first studio album through Vizztone Label Group on Dec. 1st, 2017. Burn Me Alive is an accumulation of twelve original songs written and produced by Heather Newman. She was lucky enough to have two special guest musicians on the album. Nick Schnebelen played lead guitar on the fifth song, 'High Mountain Blues', and Michael LeFever played the saxophone on the tenth song, 'Dirty Blues'.  Burn Me Alive showcases Heather's writing style with the varying flavors and emotions of life put into music. With these songs, Heather's goal is to open up the world of blues to new music lovers everywhere.

Rock Dr. Review


"A powerful and sensual vocalist, the blues are Heather Newman’s playthings and Burn Me Alive crackles with possibility. Whether she’s conveying the emotional damage described in 'I Don’t Know Why' or having a blast on 'Bring The Swing', you get the sense that she means what she’s singing; and that’s kind of the music that hits you hardest and sticks the longest. Feeling that truth is a genuine thrill. Burn Me Alive is a steamy blues adventure that should absolutely not be missed."

Roots Music Report Review


"Bassist Heather Newman’s solid, basic foundations anchor a set of smartly crafted and arranged songs; each track distinct from the previous one other than Ms. Newman’s consistently sweet-and-tangy, soulful vocals.  The small-group sound is tasty and tight.  Standouts include 'Willie James', 'Howling For Love' and the title track 'Burn Me Alive'."

You Mean To Tell Me - Heather Newman

I'm Through With You - Heather Newman

I'm Coming For You - Heather Newman